Best Landscapes To Visit In The World

There is so many beautiful places in this world.  Every continent has its landscape worth visiting.  We've compiled a list of the best landscapes in the world. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - August 18, 2017

Best 5 Pizza Slices In New York City

New York has the best pizza in the United States. The only other places that compare would be Buenos Aires, Chicago, and Italy. Here is a list of best New York pizzas. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - August 16, 2017

Top 5 Things To Do & See In Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the popular cities in Australia.  There are a good number of things to see and do in the Sydney, Australia.  We made a list for your convenience! (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - July 7, 2017

Jul 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

There's a valuable lesson I learned in Vegas back in July 2011 in Surrender Nightclub from a random person.  It was 'Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously'. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - July 3, 2017

Essential Things To Do & See In Argentina’s Patagonia

The Patagonia is Argentina and Chile's most trekked area. There are stops at El Chalten, El Calafate, and Puerto Natales for Monte Fitz Roy to Torres del Paine. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - June 23, 2017

Best Pho In Little Saigon, Orange County, California

In the past few years, Vietnamese food has gain popularity thanks to Anthony Bourdain.  This is a best pho restaurant list in Little Saigon (i.e., Westminster/Garden Grove), California. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - June 21, 2017

Jun 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada: I Don’t Care To Be In Overrated Vegas Clubs And It’s Perfectly Fine.

By June 2011, I can't count how many times I've been to Las Vegas.  I've been to all clubs in Vegas like Marquee, XS, Surrender, Encore, and so forth.   (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - June 19, 2017

Essential Things To See & Do In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the most popular destination in Australia.  Its location makes it a perfect place in the country for day trips to other parts of Australia easy. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - June 9, 2017

Travel Tip: How To Do A Day Trip To Iguazu Falls From Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls is shared between Brazil and Argentina.  It's one of the most magnificent waterfalls in South America and it's definitely worth the day trip. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - June 7, 2017

Best Michelin Restaurants In The United States

The Michelin Guide is only in four cities in the United States.  I've dined at all of the 3 Michelin starred restaurants, so I decided to rank them. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - May 31, 2017

Apr 2011 – San Diego, California: Don’t Play The Victim Role. It’s Annoying

There is no reason for any grown adult to play the victim role unless they're actually a victim of crime.  If not, it's manipulative. (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - May 29, 2017

Best Asian Cities To Visit Before You Die

I admire the culture in Asia.  I've there a few occasions, so I decided to make a 'Best Asian Cities To Visit Before You Die' list.   (more…)

By 1YR12M12T1PM - May 26, 2017