Best 5 Pizza Slices In New York City

New York has the best pizza in the United States. The only other places that compare would be Buenos Aires, Chicago, and Italy. Here is a list of best New York pizzas.

New York takes the top spot for me.  The best pizza is a never-ending debate.  The two United States cities with the best pizza would go to New York and Chicago.  However, the two pies are completely different from each other.  The New York does flat and Sicilian best and Chicago does an actual pie like pizza with their deep dish.  Buenos Aires has great pizza too because of their huge European influence.   Italy is the holy mecca when it comes to pizza.

Now, this list is to feature the best New York pizzas in my opinion.  I’m a non-New Yorker, but I’ve been to New York enough times to know what makes a good New York pie.  Each trip consists of three pizza parlors — two new ones and one to my favorite.  It’s why I have to work out after ever New York Trip.

With that said, here is my best 5 New York pizzas:

  • Prince St Pizza – It’s hands the best Sicilian I’ve tasted in my life.  Prince St Pizza is my favorite pizza parlor in New York.  It’s in Nolita.  They have the best Sicilian squares in all of New York.  The tangy tomato sauce with its spicy pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and crispy bottom dough is heaven.  I usually bring back two pies whenever I leave New York.
    Prince St Pizza New York
    Sicilian Square
  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza –  Artichoke has the 2nd or 3rd best flat pizza in New York.  The crab pizza is rich in flavor with a chewy dough.  There’s nothing like it in the world. The East Village location is the most popular one and it’s a guarantee food coma if you’re not careful.
    Artichoke Basille's Crab Pizza New York
    Artichoke Basille’s Crab Pizza
  • L&B’s – L&B’s is one of Brookyn’s favorites.  The traditional New York Italian restaurant has people filling the tables since who knows when.  It’s always a pack house and people love them.  The large Italian portions.  The ‘half’ tray Sicilian is actually full pizza.  The sauce is where it’s at with L&B’s pizza.
    L&B's Sicilian Pizza
    L&B’s Sicilian Pizza
  • Di Fara Pizza – Di Fara Pizza is a journey from Manhattan.  It’s in Brooklyn.  The same ‘chef’ has been making the pizza for decades.  It’s a long wait and he takes his time with each pizza.  I would suggest grabbing what’s available at the moment or you’ll be waiting for a good hour.  The burnt crispy dough with the heavy handed olive oil, fresh vegetables and mozzarella has my mouth watering right now.  It’s the BEST flat pizza in New York.  Hands down.
    Di Fara Pizza Brooklyn
    Di Fara Pepperoni Pizza
  • Bleecker St Pizza – Bleecker St Pizza is located in the West Village area.  They serve solid oily pizza slices for a few bucks.  It’s always crowded and people line up for a slice.  The crowd grabs their slice then heads outside to chow down New York’s greatness.
    Bleecker St Pizza
    Bleecker St Pizza

That’s our best 5 pizza slices in New York City list.  I’m sure I miss a few and I’m sure New Yorkers will be like “How did you leave so and so off the list?”.  It would take a lifetime for a non-local New Yorker to try every single pizza slice in New York.  Those are the ones that were unforgettable in my opinion.  The list will be updated later on if necessary.

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