Sep 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada: Words Matter

In Sept 2011, I realized that ‘words matter’ to some people.  I have always been one to brush off what people say about me; however, to some, it matters.  

I’ve never really cared for people’s opinion about me.  I always believe that it was childish for people to gossip about others and act passive aggressively.  I refuse to conduct myself in that type of matter.  It’s high school behavior.  However, I’m one to keep my promises to people.  If I say I will do something, I will do it.  That’s a different topic for discussion though.

In Sept 2011, I found out that ‘words matter’ to some people when I was at my cousin’s bachelor party.  It was a bachelor party filled with all my cousins and my cousin’s close friends.  I had a falling out with one of my cousins over the years.  Our relationship hasn’t never mended and it has grown to be bitter relationship over the years.

We used to be really close when we were young.  However, we grew apart when he started to do some things I didn’t agree with.  I used to ask him all the time why he was participating in some of the things he used to do.  He wouldn’t really answer me.  It got to a point where he got annoyed of my repeated questions because he would never answer me.  It gotten to a point where he answered with “Why does it matter to you?” and I would reply, “Because it’s wrong.”

It got to a point where we used to bicker all the time.  We started to call each other names.  It has gotten to a point where we don’t even see each other at family events.  I don’t remember the last time I saw him since September 2011.  It’s an unfortunate.  I don’t hold any ill-will towards him, but I know he has ill-will towards me.  It’s unfortunate, but life goes on.

It’s one of the many life lessons I’ve encountered looking back on my travels.

Words Matter

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