Top 5 Things To Do & See In Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the popular cities in Australia.  There are a good number of things to see and do in the Sydney, Australia.  We made a list for your convenience!

Sydney is a vibrant city.  Its culture is completely different from Melbourne; however, the night life is comparable to Melbourne and everywhere else in Australia.  If there’s one thing Australians are known for, it’s their ability to out drink any other countries.  It seems like the bastards started  on beer instead of breast milk.

However, it’s not all about alcohol in Sydney.  There’s a good number of landmarks to be visited and a bunch of day trips to take while in Sydney.  Sydney is centrally located in Australia.  Therefore,  a day trip to the Gold Coast or Melbourne would take only an hour to two via plane.  It’s an awesome situation while vacationing in Sydney.

Here is our quick list of things to check out in Sydney:

  • Sydney Opera House – The iconic opera house is pretty synonymous with Australia.  It’s the landmark most photographed and it’s always the first area shown during new year countdown shows throughout the world.
    Sydney Opera House
  • Royal Botanic Garden – It is Sydney’s Central Park.  The park is right next to the water and the opera house.  It has amazing views of the ocean, opera house, and Harbour Bridge.  The lush green environment makes it the perfect place to spend a lazy day or take a walk during the day.
    Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Harbour Bridge – The bridge is another Sydney landmark.  There are tickets to visit the top of the bridge, which give way to picturesque views of the city.  It’s a must climb or you can enjoy the view from the Quay.
    Harbour Bridge
  • Bondi Beach – It’s the most popular beach in Sydney.  It’s known its current.  In addition, there are shark nets along the beach.
  • Day Trips – Sydney is the perfect place to take a day trip to Melbourne or the Gold Coast.  It’s only an hour and a half flight; in addition, it’s fairly cheap too.  It’s typically 150 USD for a round-trip flight.
    Torquay Beach on Great Ocean Rd

Sydney is a great city.  It’s centrally located with iconic Sydney Opera House.  The many hidden laneways are filled with bars and the Quay is filled with known restaurants.  Those are my essential things to see and do while in Sydney, Australia.  Let me know if I miss anything in the comment sections.  Safe travels!

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