Jul 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

There’s a valuable lesson I learned in Vegas back in July 2011 in Surrender Nightclub from a random person.  It was ‘Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously’.

In July 2011, my buddies and I decided to go to Surrender Nightclub while in Las Vegas.  I swore to myself I would never step foot into the nightclub after my last Vegas trip.  As always, it didn’t last long like my many ‘this is the last time I’m going to drink’ hangover moments.  This was a birthday celebration for one of my good buddies and the peer pressure started two weeks heading into the birthday.   ‘Come on, bro.  One last time.  He said he’s done with Vegas after this’.  Bullshit.

Anyway, it was a rough work week, so I was all for a weekend in Vegas.  The manager started to really nitpicking about anything and everything.  It made me start looking at other opportunities cause it was the last draw with me.  I started to look at roles within the company and outside the company.  I had to tell him if I was going to interview with other departments.  When I did, he was a complete dick.

For the record, our relationship started out great.  After a few years, it turned sour because of department turnover.  He was a Stanford undergrad, USC Master’s and a CPA; however, he was only a manager for a subsidiary of a company.  He hasn’t moved up in the company and he started to take it out on his staff.  In addition, we wanted to move up in the company, but it was impossible for any promotion to happen with him still being in his role for 5 years.


The staff started to realize he couldn’t keep his promotion promises, so each one began to resign slowly.  Plus, they all threw him under the bus when they left the company.  He would tell us the department was the most ‘prestigious’ in the company.  In addition, he repeatedly told us ‘people would kill to work with a manager with his background and experience’.   We would laugh among ourselves after every meeting.  We lost our respect for him.  With his résumé, I found it strange why he was only a manager in a subsidiary.

Back to Vegas, we went to the club early, so we didn’t have to grease the bouncers.  We grabbed our drinks.  We found a spot by the pool and watched the club started to fill up.  I started to think about my upcoming work week.  However, something dawn on me as I watch a man walk into the club in the most eccentric outfit.  It was the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a Vegas club.  People would come ‘dress to impress’, but this guy did not give a single fuck about his outfit.  He mocked the Vegas nightlife with his outfit and the ‘status/sex cymbal’ on his back.  I thought it was ingenious.

Sex Cymbal

The thought that dawned on me was ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously’.  It totally drove home when I was watching this guy work the room.  It was the biggest character flaw in my manager; a manager who has a Stanford undergrad, a USC Master’s, and a CPA.  He took himself too seriously.  It made me realized why he couldn’t move up in the company.  People thought he was a joke while he thought he was a gift to the people at work.  His education made him a complete pretentious douche.  For your information, my former manager is still in the same place as I write this article.  That’s over 10 years as a manager.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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