Travel Tip: How To Do A Day Trip To Iguazu Falls From Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls is shared between Brazil and Argentina.  It’s one of the most magnificent waterfalls in South America and it’s definitely worth the day trip.

I had the opportunity to visit Iguazu Falls a few weeks ago.  I was doing a 17 day South America tour, so I had a limited amount of time.  My schedule included Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Monte Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno Glacier, Santiago, La Paz, Uyuni Salt Flats, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.  It was a lot of destinations in a short time, so I had to do a lot of day trips.

Iguazu National Park
Iguazu National Park, Argentina

The most efficient way to get to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires is by plane.  There’s a bus service, but there is no way to get to Iguazu Falls and back to Buenos Aires within a day.  It’s impossible.  The only option is to fly to Iguazu Falls then fly back to Buenos Aires.  Is it expensive?  Yes, it’s pretty pricey.  However, it’s a price I was willing to pay since I was short on time.

Buenos Aires has two airports — EZE and AEP.  EZE is about 40 minutes away from the city center and AEP is about 15 minutes away from the city center.  AEP offers about 5-6 daily flights to IGR while EZE offers only 6 flights per week.  There are about 5-6 daily flights for IGR to AEP and there are 4 flights per week from IGR to EZE.


The flights depends on the day of the week.  I booked the first flight from EZE to IGR then booked the last available flight back to AEP.  When I landed in IGR, I had about 3-4 hours to see the Devil’s Throat from the Argentina side.  It sounds like it’s a lot of time, but it wasn’t.

Furthermore, I had to make sure I had a ride to Iguazu National Park plus a ride back.  Luckily, there was a taxi service at the airport willing to take me there and back in the same day.  The great part was the driver waited for me and they let me pay with a VISA card.  The ride to the park was about 15-20 minutes.

IGR - Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport
Airport Taxi Service

Iguazu National Park is massive.  The park has a train to take visitors to the Devil’s Throat, but the trains aren’t fast and it runs every 30 minutes.  The first train took me to the first stop then there’s another train that took me to the Devil’s Throat stop.  The first train is about 15-20 minutes ride while the second train is about a 30-45 minutes ride.  The ride back is about the same.  That’s a lot of time especially when I only had 3-4 hours.  In addition, the walk to the Devil’s Throat is about 20-30 minutes, so that’s about an hour.

I was determine to see the Devil’s Throat even though I was cutting it really close.  It was pouring on the day I visited Iguazu Falls.  I was soaking wet when I got back to the airport, but I got to see the Devil’s Throat and checked it off my bucket list.  With that said, I’ve been to Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls is absolutely stunning.  However, Iguazu Falls definitely suppress Niagara Falls in beauty, awe, and roar of the waterfall.  It’s vicious.

Anyway, here’s a summary of everything you need to know about Iguazu Falls:

Flights (Round trip) = 300.00 USD (2 hours each way)
Taxi Ride (350 ARS Round-Trip) = 22.00 USD (20 minutes each way)
Iguazu National Park Entrance Fee (500 ARS Cash only) = 32.00 USD (N/A)
Train Ride To Devil’s Throat = Free (60 minutes each way)
Walk to Devil’s Throat = Free (20 minutes each way)

Devil's Throat Iguazu National Park
Devil’s Throat

Let us know if you decide to do a day trip to Iguazu Falls in the comment section.  Safe travels!

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