Apr 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada: Sometimes It’s Nice Just To Go Somewhere And Do Nothing

Las Vegas is the city of sin. It’s closest the United States will get to Amsterdam’s liberal and tolerance.

I grew in the Southern California area and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been to Vegas.   Everyone always comes back saying, “omg… Best Vegas trip EVER”.  No Vegas trip is complete without a visit to a pool party or one of the newest Vegas clubs.  It’s the place people go to lose their inhibitions and do things they don’t normally do at home.  It’s a shit show.

I’ve met a good number of locals who hate the visitors.  It’s justified.  Why would someone want anybody to come to their home and trash it?  It’s like having the obnoxious friend who can’t handle their alcohol constantly throw up at every party.  It gets pretty annoying after a few times.  Now, imagine how Vegas locals feel about tourists.

With that said, I’ve been to Vegas more than enough times than I would like to admit.  It has been the same every time I’ve visited it before.  I would go there, get drunk, do massive amount of drugs, and go home.  I could have save myself the hotel cost, the gas money, and the time.  However, I was too stupid to realized I could have done all that in my hometown.  Why?  Cause it’s Vegas.

Las Vegas nights

This trip was different.  I stayed on the strip with a few buddies, but we decided not to do the clubs and hang out in the hotels.  We played a little roulette, blackjack, drank a little, ate, and just relax.  It was a completely different experience.  To be honest, I felt like I was in my 50s.  Boring.

However, it was a nice change.  I needed to unwind cause I was working in a hostile environment with a shitty manager.  It was the first Vegas trip where I didn’t wake up groggy or hungover.  The food didn’t taste like garbage due to cocaine drips.  I was able to taste the flavors of the food for the first time in Vegas.  The water felt refreshing and I came home with some money from roulette.  It was a dawn of a new day per se.

With all that said, Vegas without the clubs, pool parties, strip clubs, debauchery, and massive amounts of drugs is a different experience.  It made me realize that sometimes its best to get away from the scene and relax.  It’s insanity to do the same thing and expect different results.

Sometimes It’s Nice Just To Go Somewhere And Do Nothing

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