Best Asian Cities To Visit Before You Die

I admire the culture in Asia.  I’ve there a few occasions, so I decided to make a ‘Best Asian Cities To Visit Before You Die’ list.  

Asia is very different from other parts of the world.  Vice versa.  The culture, the people, the architecture, the food, and the custom.  The majority Asian cities are relatively inexpensive to visit compared to some other destinations.  The food is usually cheap and it won’t cost more than 5 USD for a good meal.  Unfortunately, that can’t be said about other developed parts of the world.

There are only a few places in the world with a rich history.  Asia is one of them.  The others being the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.  It’s hard to be a culturally diverse person without visiting Asia.  Furthermore, I don’t think any true traveler can say they’ve been everywhere until they been to Asia.

With that said, this is my suggested Asian cities to visit before you die list:


  • Kyoto – Kyoto is my absolute favorite city in the Asia.  It possibly could be my favorite in the world.  It is Japan’s cultural epicenter.  The temples and shrines are perfectly intact and the Japanese have an obsession with detail.  The city is filled with old customs.  Kyoto is the old world compared to Tokyo.
    The Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong is one of my favorite metropolitan cities in the world.  The other two are Tokyo and New York.  However, I have to say Hong Kong takes the crown due to a number of reasons.  Hong Kong is new and old blended in together.  The food is extremely cheap and good.  They work hard and play harder.
    Big Buddha in Hong Kong, China.
  • Seoul – When it comes to drinking, I don’t think there is an Asian city that can outdo the Koreans in Seoul.  The nightlife scene is obscene.  The food is amazing.  The city is filled with culture.  The Koreans are friendly to tourists.
  • Tokyo – Tokyo is New York and Hong Kong times 10.  The amount of people in Tokyo passing through the subway is shocking.  Shibuya and Shinjuku station has more than 6 million people passing through each station on a daily basis.  In addition, Tokyo’s food is the best in the world. The city boasts the most Michelin rated restaurants in the world.  The nightlife is ridiculous.  The Japanese are extremely tourist friendly and their service bests every city I’ve visited.
  • Shanghai – Shanghai and Hong Kong are similar in they’re both port cities.  But the two cities are a world’s apart.  Shanghai still has a lot of old traditions left in it; however, as China’s wealth grows, the capitalistic tendencies tends to overpower the old customs.  Shanghai’s architecture has European influences and it’s a lot more spacious than Hong Kong.  The food is cheap and the portions are massive.
    Shanghai’s French Quarters
  • Beijing – The Chinese capital is the least metropolitan city between Hong Kong and Shanghai.  The city was built inside out.  They started with a square in the middle then added another outer layer and then another outer layer.  The old customs are everywhere in the city and I would consider it China’s cultural capital.  It’s filled with hutongs (i.e., hidden laneways), the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall is an hour away.
    The Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
  • Taipei – Taipei is a great city.  It’s a relatively new country compared to the others on the list.  However, it doesn’t stop it from having its own history.  The city is filled with old temples and the metro is very easy to use.  There are night markets everywhere in the city.  The food is amazingly tasty and it’s dirt cheap.
    Taipei’s Shilin Night Market

I decided to stick with the Northern Asian cities to keep it simple for the list.  I will be releasing another list of Southeast Asian cities in the future.  Let me know in the comment section if there are other cities I need to include.  Safe travels.

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