Essential United States Cities To Visit

The United States is massive in terms of land.  It makes visiting every 50 state an achievement like visiting every country in Europe.  

I’ve been to a good number of cities in the States.  However, I’m only going to mentioned the most visited cities.  This is an essential cities list for any foreigner looking to visit the United States.  It has all the major cities with other less visited cities in the States.

The choice cities was a heated debate where I held discussion boards online.  The panel included some of the most highly regarded travelers in the world.  I sat back and listen to them in a heated debate for hours.  In the end, I decided to go throw them all out of the discussion board cause they were starting to insult each other.  I hope they’re not mad at me.   If you’re reading this, I love you mom and dad!

Without further ado, here is my essential United States cities to visit:

  • Los Angeles – Los Angeles is home to the stars.  It’s also home to many broken dreams.  It’s a tough city to live for those in and out of the industry.  However, it’s my favorite city in the States.
  • Miami – The tropical city is known for four things, which are the gorgeous weather, the gorgeous women, the parties, and the hurricanes.  It’s the East Coast Los Angeles without Hollywood and earthquakes.
  • San Francisco – It’s one of the States’ most expensive cities.  The tech boom has raised prices higher than Snoop Dogg.  However, it’s also the most liberal cities in the United States.  The hilly cities has a lot of culture within it.
    Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Chicago – The Windy City is known for its ruggedness.  The old Chicago feel and vibe is still with the city.  The old vintage mob feel is still there in the restaurants while people flock around the Bean for their picture.
    The Bean
  • New York – New York truly lives by the motto “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.”  It’s true.  New York is always on the move and people barely have time to date.  It’s truly the city that never sleeps.
    Flatiron Building
  • Austin – The hippest city in Texas.  The town is like the Portland of the South with all its hipster tendencies and bars.  However, it comes with a lot better BBQ and the Southern charm.
  • Las Vegas – Sin City.  If that names isn’t enough to make you visit Vegas, you’re probably not human.
  • Boston – The rebellious city that started the American Revolution.  The city was the start of the American attitude.
  • Philadelphia – The home of Benjamin Franklin and the former temporary capital of the United States.  The city could be explored in a day from it’s Benjamin Parkway to Chinatown.  However, it’ll take a lifetime to try every Philly Cheese-steak in the city.
    The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia
  • Washington, DC – The United States capital is home to all the modern monuments.  It’s the United States’ Rome.  The recently awarded Michelin Guide city is filled with restaurants along its famous National Mall.
    Capitol Hill in DC

Those were my essential cities to visit in the United States.  It’s all the key cities people usually visit when they come to the States.  The United States is home to many different ethnicity and cultures.  It’s one large appropriated country taking the best of what every immigrant has to offer past, present, and future.  I know it’s a short list.  I’m missing key cities like New Orleans, Nashville and Charleston.  However, let me know in the comment sections what other cities should be included.   Safe travels.

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