Cheap Eats In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite metropolitan cities in the world.   There are gazillion of cheap eats in the city unlike New York and Tokyo. 

Since I was born there, I have a special love and bond with it.  I might be a little bias.  The city is lively and it never sleeps. There is always something to do in Hong Kong whether it’s the night markets, bars, restaurants, temples, architecture or a day trip to Macau.

It’s an awesome place to eat. The food isn’t expensive and the average meal costs about 5 USD. I don’t think I could get a meal for that price anywhere outside of Asia excluding Japan and South Korea.  Hong Kong has a lot of Michelin rated and the World’s 50 Best restaurants.  However, the authentic restaurants are in the local areas where its filled with Hongkongnese eating the authentic stuff.  The good stuff.

Here is our best cheap eats in Hong Kong:


  • Mak’s Noodles – Mak’s Noodles serves one of my favorite won-ton egg noodles in Hong Kong.  Possibly the world.  The 4 USD bowl comes chewy egg noodles in a rich and flavorful broth topped with plump and juicy won-tons.  This has a Michelin star.
    Mak’s Noodles Won ton egg noodles
  • Tak Fat Beef Ball – Dai pai dongs are open air food stalls.  There is still an abundant of them in Hong Kong, but they’re slowing dying out.  However, this dai pai dong serves amazing beef ball noodles that won’t cost you more than 5 USD.  It’s ridiculously cheap.
    Tak Fat Beef Ball
  • Australia Dairy Company – The restaurant is known for its rude service.  As they got more famous, the service got a little better per the locals.   They serve the best eggs, toast and milk tea in the world.  The breakfast plate will run you about 3-4 USD.
    Australia Dairy Company
  • Tsim Chai Kee Noodle – The Bib Gourmand restaurant serves fantastic won-ton egg noodles off of Wellington street in Central.  It’s as grimy as it gets with its authentic sticky tables.  How much does an won-ton egg noodle bowl cost?  Less than 4 USD.
    Tsim Chai Kee Noodle
  • Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles – The famous egg waffle spot opens at noon and closes at midnight.  My hotel was down the street and Lee Keung Kee always had a line in front no matter when I walked by it.
  • One Dim Sum – One Dim Sum is located in the Prince Edward neighborhood of Hong Kong.  This is easily my second favorite dim sum restaurant in the world.  They used to have a Michelin star but the loss star doesn’t stop the crowd from lining up throughout the afternoon.
    One Dim Sum
  • Timhowan – Timhowan became internationally famous for becoming the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant.  The succulent and juicy morsels of dim sum are my absolutely favorite in the world.  It didn’t cost me more than 10 USD for three different dishes.

Those are my recommended restaurants to check out while you’re in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong could be a very affordable city since hotels don’t usually run more than a 100 USD a night.  The food is as cheap as they come outside of the Michelin rated restaurants.  With all that said, let us know in the comment section if there are any restaurants that should be added.  Safe travels.

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