Is Egypt Safe To Visit? Egypt’s Tourism, Economy & Culture

Egypt is an old country.  Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Egypt is not the same country it was before the Egyptian Revolution in 2011.  The country is barely making ends meet with a collapse of its tourism, unstable currency, and the rise of terrorism.  Egyptians are hoping their tourism industry picks back up in the near future and it has been investing a lot of money into its cultural landmarks.    The main concern with tourists is whether Egypt is safe to visit or not.

Egyptian culture emphasizes being very friendly and welcoming.  The Muslim culture is very welcoming despite what is portrayed on Western mainstream media.  They will help you if you need help.  In addition, it’s a very big part of the Muslim culture.  It’s across the board in large tourism countries.  Lastly, they have a monetary incentive to make sure tourists are safe, enjoying themselves, and have an unforgettable experience.  It’s the same reason why countries place economic sanctions on certain countries.  Money talks.

Cairo, Egypt

Crime in Cairo is the same as other major cities.  Pick-pocketing and purse snatching are the two typical offenses against foreigners.  In addition, Egyptian men are known for harassing women; the harassment includes crude comments, obscene gestures and uninvited physical contact.  It’s similar to walking by a construction site then getting cat called in the States.  It’s inappropriate and unwelcome, but it occurs.

Also, there’s the crime of being overcharged for tours.  The crime occurs in every major tourist city in the world if the tourists doesn’t do their research.  It’s really nobody’s fault except their tourists.  They are a ton of resources online regarding booking tours, taxi prices and so forth.  This is common sense.  The archaeological sites and temples doesn’t cost more than a few USD to enter at an exchange rate of 1 USD to 19 EGP.  It’s ridiculous.

The good thing about Cairo is the hotel prices.  Cairo’s tourism industry has taken a major blow since the EgyptAir flight that killed Russian citizens.  The hotels make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible; in addition, the hotel staff make sure they accommodate any requests.  In addition, all hotels have security guards on the premises searching cars and inspecting people before they enter the premises.  They want to make sure their guests feel safe as possible and they try to stop any bad impression before it happens.

In addition, Egypt’s major landmarks are filled with aggressive vendors.  They will follow you around if you give them any indication of buying anything from them.  Furthermore, they will request a tip even if you ask for directions.  It happens at all the archaeological sites, the airports, and in the streets.  It’s understandable because the country is very poor and barely surviving at the moment.

Luxor Temple

As of this entry, there has been numerous terrorist attacks in Cairo.  However, there have been numerous terrorists attacks around the world including Western countries.  Unfortunately, terrorism is apart of our daily lives now.  It could happened anywhere in the world.  It’s not something we should succumb or fear.  If we do, the terrorists win.

With all that said, Egypt is a very safe country to visit.  Egypt’s major city has the same problems as any other major city in the world.  There are certain parts of Egypt to stay clear like the Sinai Peninsula, but the Egyptian cities located on the Nile are all safe — Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.  Lastly, Egyptians are really friendly, helpful and nice people.  I personally found it hard to resist Egyptians hospitality and my urge to visit one of the main cities responsible for the beginning of civilization.  I’m glad I did though.

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