Jan 2006 – San Diego, CA: It’s Always A Good Thing To Hear A Person’s Story

Women and men are fascinating to watch as they interact with each other in a social setting.  They both play their cards to lead the other in a certain direction without revealing their hands.

The games played by men and women has been studied for years.  It’s a psychological game played to get the upper name on the other.  It’s often played to boost one’s ego and vanity for the pure enjoyment of it.  It’s a sick and demented human tendency that will never go away.  It’s often plagued by a person’s upbringing or past relationship.

When I was in college, I became really good friends with a class mate in my final year in college — Stephanie.  She came from a wealthy family in Northern California and she was brought up to act a certain way because of the pubic eye in her small town.  She was once told me her father would tell her to present a certain personal in public cause people were watching their family.  It’s a similar scrutiny endured by celebrities.  She hated it cause she couldn’t be herself.

The San Diego Bay

It’s something I could never understand.  I’m not from a wealthy family.  My immigrant parents were blue collar workers who started trade school when they first arrived in the States in 1980.  They worked their asses off over the years to be able to purchase a home in Moreno Valley, California, even though they were employed in Long Beach, California.   Now, that’s close to a 3 hour commute each way.  For 7 years, they would do endured the commute while I lived at my grandparents’ house on the weekday.   It’s same work ethnic my parents passed to me.

Stephanie and my background were completely different.  I didn’t understand the concept of presenting a certain personal cause I was too busy making sure I succeed at the things.  As we grew closer, I would tease her about being a local celebrity and she would roll her eyes.  We both opened up about our past relationships and she confined in me that she always has her guard up.  It was due to her upbringing and getting hurt in past relationships.

It was interesting to get to know the ‘real’ Stephanie.  She always had her guard up.  She always presented herself as a confident woman who wasn’t affected by the things people thought of her.  However, that wasn’t always the case.  It wasn’t the real person inside.  She was a damage and tormented soul.  I could easily identify it in her eyes as the school year went on.

The Coronado Bridge

It was breathe of fresh air to see her vulnerable at times.  I felt a certain privilege cause I would be able to identify when something bothered her.  Stephanie’s vulnerability really made her attractive because it made her human.  It was the ‘real’ Stephanie.  Uncensored.  Vulnerable.  Authentic.  I’m not going to lie.  I started to catch feelings for her cause I thought I would be able to fix her problems.  That’s another story for another time though.  Tune in next week.  For the time being, just remember.

It’s Always A Good Thing To Hear A Person’s Story

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