May 2006 – Puerto Nuevo, Mexico: There Are No Such Things As Mistakes But Lessons Learned

Puerto Nuevo is a community in Baja California.  It’s a beach town known for its large supply of lobsters — Lobster Village.  

My two visits to Puerto Nuevo were in college.  Both times were on my annual end-of-the-school-year business club trip.  In my first year, I was apart of the entourage, but in the second year I was leading the pack of alcohol thirsty students.  Like the previous trip, we loaded the party bus with booze, boarded it, cross the border, drank ourselves silly then headed towards Puerto Nuevo for dinner and then a night of partying at Papaz N Bears in Rosarito.

Like all party trips, it was complete chaotic night and shit show.  However, I decided to take it easy on the drinking from the lesson learned in the May 2005 Puerto Nuevo and May 2005 Rosarito trips.  In addition, I was leading the pack, so it was a good idea to stay ‘somewhat’ sober.  However, it wasn’t a complete experience without a lesson as I reflect back on the night.

Like prior year, we finished dinner at Rosamar in Puerto Nuevo then loaded into bus to head to Papaz N Bears in Rosarito.  I wasn’t as excited as I was in the previous year because I knew what was ahead for the night.  In addition, I wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time and it was an ‘inclusive’ night.  Lastly, I was supposed to be the ‘responsible’ one of the group, which was something totally new for me.

The Puerto Nuevo Gate

During dinner, the whole group had an interesting conversation about our studies.  We spoke about mistakes on class assignments and the feeling of receiving test scores lower than what we expected.   We all agreed it was a heart breaking moment when the outcome wasn’t the one we expected or hoped.  We worried about the repercussions of our grades on potential employers because we were all competing for the same jobs.

We all agreed the best view would be to have an optimistic approach.  We were in college and we were destined to make mistakes.  We could either have it destroy our confidence or grow from the errors.  Also, we agreed we would never make the same mistakes due to the situation’s outcome and how we felt at the moment.  The agreement was met with roaring laughter cause someone said, “That error will be forever ingrained in my mind until the day I die.  The next time I’ll be like ‘gotcha, bitch!'”

It’s a conversation I can still hear as I write about it.  The truth is we’re not perfect as human beings and we’re bond to make mistakes.  The mistakes will occur throughout our lives and it’s apart of growing as a professional, entrepreneur, athlete, writer, blogger, and, most importantly, a human being.  I don’t believe anyone who says they never make mistakes because they’re usually full of shit.  People who say that tend to do a few things — cover up their mistakes, make excuses, blame others, and lie about it.

In my opinion, those actions show a lack of character and confidence.  We’ve all been in situations where someone makes a mistake then blames it on someone else.  I’ve been in situations where people lie for the sake of being right.  It’s kind of sad if we think about it.  We lose trust in those people and we have doubts on their abilities in the future.  It gets ugly cause we have to document things to make sure we cover our asses.  It takes true confidence and character to take ownership of a mistake.  People will respect you more cause it humanizes you.

There Are No Such Things As Mistakes But Lessons Learned

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