Travel Tip: Should You Call An Uber or Take A Cab When You Land In New York @ JFK?

New York’s old motto was “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.”   It’s a grinders lifestyle where everyone is too busy and in a rush.

New York is filled with hustlers trying to take advantage of first time visitors.  It could start with the cab ride into the city from JFK, LaGuardia airport, or at Penn Station.  New York cabbies know a first time visitor to the city especially when they don’t know the cross streets or speak confidently about New York.  They sense it like a shark in the water.  The disappointing part is New York Uber drivers are the same way.  Let’s not mention the Gypsy Cab drivers waiting outside the terminal either.  Here are some tips about grabbing a ride in New York:

JetBlue Terminal

Gypsy Cab Drivers

DO NOT EVER TAKE A GYPSY CAB.  They wait outside of the arrival terminal for thier next prey.  They’re not regulated taxi drivers with yellow cab medallions.  They’re regular New Yorkers who drive their personal vehicles on the side to take advantage of tourists.  They’ll charge well above the fare to get into Manhattan; in addition, they’ll use some excuse to drop you off somewhere that’s near your destination for partial pay.  They’re scam artists.

Uber Drivers

Uber drivers are getting bad in New York.  They’ll offer you a different route that’s ‘faster’ than the prefer route on Uber; however, the route is usually longer than the one chosen by Uber and it’ll cost you double the original stated price.  The route from JFK into Midtown Manhattan should always start with the 678 freeway then the 495 freeway.  However, the 278 will be the last freeway if you’re going to Lower Manhattan.  Those are always the fastest route to get into Manhattan because it cuts through Queens.

Furthermore, don’t believe them when they say there are other options.  Do not accept any offers to take Belt Parkway.  The Belt Parkway route will go around Brooklyn then reach Lower Manhattan via the 278.   In other words, Belt Parkway is longer cause it’ll take you on the ‘scenic’ route.  Trust me.  There’s nothing to see on Belt Parkway except for the scores of construction at the moment.

JetBlue Terminal

Uber will refund you if you report it.  However, they can’t refund the time back to people, especially when the ride takes close to two hours.  The regular ride into Manhattan shouldn’t be more than an hour depending on traffic and time of day.  Lastly, Uber prices are not that different from the Yellow Cabs’ fares.  It’s about 52-55 USD.

Yellow Cabs

Yellow Cabs is probably the best bet to get into Manhattan.  Believe it or not.  There are taxi attendants asking for your destination at the cab stands in the Arrival Terminals.  They’ll print out the price of the ride into Manhattan and hand it to people before they get into the cab, so people don’t get cheated.   The price doesn’t include tip or toll fees.  The toll fees usually come into pay if you’re going into Midtown.  The fare is about 55 USD to get into Manhattan.

JFK to Manhattan route per Google

Let us know about your experiences with grabbing a ride at JFK or LaGuardia in the comment section below.

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