May 2005 – Puerto Nuevo, Mexico: Learn To Be Astute & Inclusive As A Leader

Puerto Nuevo is a coastal city in Baja California.  It’s a beach resort town known for its seafood.  

My first visit was in college.  It was my annual end-of-the-school-year business club trip; we loaded the party bus with booze, boarded it, cross the border, drank ourselves silly then headed towards Puerto Nuevo for dinner and then a night of partying at Papaz N Bears in Rosarito.  It was complete chaotic night and shit show; I got the full college experience everyone who leaves their hometown yearns to experience.  However, it wasn’t a complete experience without a lesson as I reflect back on the night.

There was more than 30 people on the party bus that night.  Each person had their own definition of fun and their agenda to achieve their end goal.  Let’s not forget the little cliques form within a group.  These people all had to be accommodated by the person leading and organizing the event.  It turns a fun night into a headache for the group leader cause he/she has to make sure everyone has a good time and gets back safely.

San Diego to Puerto Nuevo

As the night went on, there was people clearly having the time of their lives.  However, others looked like they wish they stayed home even though they said they were having fun.  The group leader took their word with face value and didn’t pay close attention to non-verbal cues like body language.  The people having fun were included in the group leader’s clique and the others were not.  They created a “cool kids’ crowd instead of an inclusive environment.  It was an “us vs them” type of environment.  It’s something we all have seen in our years at events and gatherings.

By the end of the night, the body language of the groups not having fun turned into complete boredom.  It was a careless mistake by the group leader to create fractions within the bus cause the following Monday was filled with two different accounts of the event — “It was fun” and “It was meh.”  Which story do you believe?  Well, it’s simple.  The story from the person you have a friendship with.

It’s been more than 10 years and time does fly when you’re having fun or not. As a human being, people tend to look back on their lives and search for meaning in certain situations.  I’m at a point now.  I’m reflecting on my past experience and searching for things to correct in my present life.  Some would label it a crisis, but I’m going to call it an opportunity to grow as I move up the corporate leader.  This Puerto Nuevo night taught me a great lesson as a leader.  A leader needs to be astute to his audience and create an inclusive environment to effectively lead a group.

Learn To Be Astute & Inclusive As A Leader

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