Little Saigon’s Culture & Southern California

March 31, 2017

Little Saigon is a relative new district when compared to other Asian districts in the United States.  The district is about 30 years old and slowly expanding its reach. (more…)

Travel Tips: Necessary Things To Know About Traveling To Israel

March 29, 2017

Israel has one of the most contested pieces of property in the history of the human race.  It's also a huge tourist destination. (more…)

May 2005 – Puerto Nuevo, Mexico: Learn To Be Astute & Inclusive As A Leader

March 27, 2017

Puerto Nuevo is a coastal city in Baja California.  It's a beach resort town known for its seafood.   (more…)

Travel Tips: How To Navigate Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

March 24, 2017

Los Angeles is the city of dreams.  It's where people go to be apart of the industry. (more…)

Essential Restaurants In Little Saigon, California

March 22, 2017

Little Saigon is a town that I have lived in for a good part of my life.  It has changed over the years as the residents start to assimilate with American culture and customs. (more…)

May 2005 – Tijuana, Mexico: Happiness Is Common, But Human Dignity Is Not

March 20, 2017

I considered myself a "Little Saigonian" cause I practically grew up in the Westminster/Garden Grove area of Orange County.  However, I have lived and worked all over Southern California. (more…)